Our Programmes

Upendo is a day care center that provides holistic support to orphans and destitute children in Kilifi Township with food, education and school enrichment, healthcare, psychosocial support, shelter improvement, vocational skills training among other forms of support.

Feeding Programme

The children are provided with a balanced diet, three meals in a day at the center from Monday to Saturday across the year. The project also holds a Christmas Party every year and distributes Christmas break food to all the guardians and children.

Education Programme

Upendo meets all the education costs of the children. The project provides them with school fees, uniform, stationery and other educational expenses Upendo also runs a literacy/reading programme which involves book clubs aimed at inculcating a reading

Healthcare Programme

The children’s health is maintained through the provision of a regular balanced diet, other basicneeds as well as a loving environment. Upendo meets all the medical costs of all the children under the Project through Kenya’s National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

Upendo music club

Upendo Music Group

The Music Group continues to make tremendous progress. The group won two trophies/awards at Injili Music and Mziki Africa Awards with the Best Gospel Cover song of the Year (East Africa) and as the Best Gospel Group of the Year (East Africa) respectively in Mombasa in 2019.

Psychosocial Support Programme

This programme aims at meeting the physical, emotional, social and mental wellbeing of the children. The programme has helped the children deal with adolescence, trauma, grief and anxiety related to parental illness or death. These are explored using quizzes, debates, e

House Improvement Programme

No child should go without shelter, clothing and access to safe water, basic hygiene and guardianship. Through the provision of clothing, bedding, mosquito nets and shelter improvement, we are empowering the guardians who are the caregivers to our

Outreach Programme

Upendo runs an outreach programme for other needy families in the township, providing clothes and other items when available, and keeping an eye on other destitute children who can be taken care of by Upendo when sponsorship is available.

Vocational Skills Training Programme

This programme gives the children vocational skills.  The children are taught three courses under this programme: tailoring, hairdressing and bead work. Under the tailoring course, they are trained how to make their own clothes including their school uniforms.

The bead work course involves making beadwork products/jewelry such as bracelets, purses, earrings, necklaces, etc. The children under the hairdressing course learn about washing and blow drying (conditioning and shampooing), plaiting (plaiting and braiding and preparing dummy dolly), relaxing (long and short hair) and twisting with rastas.  It is amazing how quickly most of them have learnt these skills.